Are You An Indie Film Maker? You Should Give Davinci Resolve A Try For Your Next Film

Aside from the planning, casting, choosing the locations in which to shoot, actual production and filming of an indie movie, the editing and color grading of the final digital product can be very daunting. The majority of editing software programs can be confusing for those just starting out in the field. Plus, when you are making your films on a budget, the high cost of premier editing software can be cost-prohibitive.

However, there is a software that just might be the perfect editing and color restoration software for you without breaking the bank as there is a cost effective version of the program available. DaVinci Resolve should be an editing program that you at least give a try for your next film and here are just a few reasons why.

Color Grading

Davinci Resolve made a name for itself as a color grading tool in which you can fix over-exposure or enhance images in your film digitally. DaVinci Resolve has sophisticated tools that let you alter and enhance the color in your motion picture or even a still image you wish to place into your movie. This could be a color correction or even artistic effects you would like to add.

Powerful Trim Tools

DaVinci Resolve has some powerful trim tools in order to edit your film faster and with technical precision. You are able to edit each piece of your film in a very precise manner without the need to change tools to do so. It is possible to trim more than one clip at the same time to ensure all your clips work well together and if any additional trimming must be done the program makes it easier to do so.

Multicam Editing

Indie film makers are using multiple cameras more often and this gives your film a more professional look, and yet many editing software programs don't allow you to edit multi camera views. The multicam editing feature of DaVinci Resolve gives you a pretty simple and straightforward editing platform for multiple camera angles. You are able to place all your clips taken from different angles on your screen at once, which lets you edit each piece separately and collectively as you desire.

Sound Editing

Another feature of DaVinci Resolve is the sound editing feature. It has a high bit and sample rate. This lets you edit with more accuracy to help prevent any lapses in your sound and makes for a clear playback.

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